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Phone: 360-607-8240

Email: wiilbfrost@gmail.com

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What you will feel


What you will learn

Proper body alignment
Balance skills
Coordinated flowing circular movements
Proper breath technique
Meditation thru movement.


About Sifu Bryan Knack Ph.D./Ma.Sc.D.

Bryan Knack was inducted to the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame as "Chinese Martial Arts Master of the Year" and "International Sifu of the Year"
Sifu Bryan Knack began studying martial arts in the mid-70's, begining with the external martial arts of Goju-ryu (Okinawan karate) and Siu Lum Kung Fu in the 1980's. Then he turned his studies to TAI CHI and QI GONG and had a training center in Portland, Oregon.
He returned to his hometown of Spokane to open his own studio, NORTHWEST TAI CHI FOR HEALTH in 2000. Sifu Knack returned to the Vancouver/Portland in 2011 area to be close to family.

            Sifu Knack offers study in many disciplines:

* Tai Chi Yang Style * Tai Chi Chen Style

* Qi Gong * Zhan Zhaung * Chin Na

* Push Hands * Weapons

Tai Chi is fun. We offer an affordable program for multiple section classes for a monthly charge or a small fee for each class you attend.

Northwest Tai Chi and QiGong

 Reduced Stress
More Vitality
Increased Flexibility
Better Balance
Improved blood and Qi flow
A Calm Centered Mind
Increased Productivity
The Ability to Flow thru Changes


We are at the Vancouver Health and Wellness Building.
Our location is 202 E. McLoughlin Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98663

Tai Chi & QiGong
Evenings will be:

Tuesday -Advanced Tai Chi @ 5:30pm

                    Beginning Tai Chi @ 6:30pm
                    Advanced Tai Chi / push-hands @ 7:30pm  
Thursday – QiGong / Advanced Tai Chi @ 5:30pm
                       Beginning Tai Chi @ 6:30pm

Friday - 5:30pm Yang Long form Tai Chi

                 6:30pm Partnerwork  ( ChinNa, Push-hands, Applications, etc.)

Daytime schedule:

Tuesday – QiGong @ 9:00am
                     Tai Chi @ 10:00am
Thursday - QiGong @ 9:00am
                      Tai Chi @ 10:00am
Saturdays – 10:00am Qigong / Tai Chi

Class Schedule